WEST COXSACKIE, N.Y. — In partnership with the Minnesota Department of Transportation (Mn/DOT) and Concrete Paving Association of Minnesota (CPAM), the International Grooving and Grinding Association (IGGA) will host a demonstration of the first high production Next Generation Concrete Surface (NGCS) project in the United States on Sept. 22. 

This innovative project is being constructed on I-35 northbound and southbound from approximately Boundary Ave (CSAH 14) to Cody Street near Duluth, Minn.

The NGCS is a long-lasting, economical, noise reducing surface developed for concrete pavement. These diamond saw-cut surfaces are designed to provide a consistent profile absent of positive or upward texture. Since the NGCS is a “manufactured” surface, it is more consistent and predictable than most traditional surfaces.

The NGCS surface was developed through a partnership consisting of the IGGA, American Concrete Pavement Association (ACPA), Portland Cement Association, and Purdue University. Extensive field testing and evaluation were conducted by Mn/DOT at the MnROAD pavement research facility.

Although this surface texture has been constructed at a number of locations across North America, this marks the first time NGCS has been used extensively on an urban interstate concrete pavement.

According to Pat Huston, Mn/DOT District 1 resident engineer, “The NGCS texture was specified primarily for noise reduction on the north end of the project. Although conventional diamond grinding was considered, Mn/DOT District 1 chose NGCS due to its noise mitigating characteristics that were shown in the results of the testing done on the NGCS sections that were completed at the MnROAD test facility. While noise was not a critical issue in all areas of the project, Mn/DOT also chose to use this surface on the south end of the project after completing concrete pavement rehabilitation to maintain consistency and provide a smooth surface with a long lasting texture.”

John Roberts, executive director of the IGGA, said: “NGCS is a shining example of the concrete paving industry’s commitment to constantly improve its product. Tire pavement noise has become a serious issue facing transportation departments worldwide, and we have reacted to this need by developing a quiet, environmentally-friendly and economical concrete pavement surface that will provide service for many years to come. We greatly appreciate the support and assistance provided by Mn/DOT in bringing this innovation to the marketplace.”

NGCS pavements describe a category of textures that will evolve through current research. NGCS is a hybrid texture constructed on concrete surfaces that resembles a combination of diamond grinding and longitudinal grooving. The texture can be constructed as either a single-pass or two-pass operation using diamond tipped saw blades mounted on conventional diamond grinding and grooving equipment. These textures, for both new construction and rehabilitation of existing surfaces, have the desirable characteristics of a very smooth profile, coupled with good micro texture and excellent macro texture.

According to Larry Scofield, Director of Pavement Innovation for the ACPA, “The industry will continually work to improve the NGCS and as more is learned through research, the configuration of the surfaces may change. As NGCS technology continues to develop, more testing will be conducted to further evaluate these new surface textures. The NGCS represents the concrete industry’s most significant advancements in achieving quieter concrete pavement surfaces to date. All of the NGCS validation tests in the field have successfully demonstrated that it is a very low-noise concrete surface. NGCS and conventional diamond grinding are competitive with all surfaces from a noise reduction perspective.”

Demonstration Details
The event will begin at 10 a.m. at Black Woods Banquet Center, located at 195 Highway 2 in Proctor. The history of NGCS and project overview will be presented by Mn/DOT, Arrowhead 35 Constructors, LLC (Prime Contractor), Interstate Improvement (Diamond Grinding Contractor), PCi Roads (Paving Contractor) and IGGA. This will be followed by an overview of tire pavement noise measurement using On Board Sound Intensity (OBSI) and a discussion of noise levels measured on the project, presented by ACPA. After the presentations, attendees will travel to the live field demonstration of NGCS construction and tour of the I-35 project site, followed by a field demonstration of the OBSI testing apparatus. Transportation via bus will be provided.

The cost to attend is $20 and includes lunch and transportation. RSVP to Michele Rivenburg at IGGA, 518-731-7450 or mrivenburg@pavement.com by Sept. 8, 2010.