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IES receives Applied Software GSA BIM training course

BOSTON — Integrated Environmental Solutions (IES) has been awarded a General Services Administration (GSA) training course with Applied Software. The course, entitled “BIM + Performance Analysis: Managing analysis within an integrative approach,” is applicable for 7 hours of AIA HSW continuing education credit.

Applied Software was awarded a GSA IDIQ contract (#GS-00P-09-CY-D-0284) earlier this year, enabling the company and its partners to provide Building Information Modeling (BIM) and related professional services to the GSA regions tasked with managing new construction projects, overseeing existing building renovations and optimizing the performance of existing structures.

The BIM + Performance Analysis training session was provided for GSA professionals in New York to deliver learning on how Performance Analysis can leverage BIM and play a key role in an integrative process for all project types. The course provided insight into the mindset, process and tools beneficial to implementing performance analysis on projects at different stages. An interactive session, the instructors incorporate a scenario-based approach and encourage discussions among the students, giving them hands-on experience.

“This intense training session addresses critical questions for successful building designs, including what exactly is involved in energy analysis at different stages in the process for new and existing buildings,” said Don McLean, founding director of IES. “As owners and project teams continue to design with energy efficiency and sustainability in mind, this is a critical first step in determining the processes, tools, and types of performance analysis beneficial for projects. We look forward to further promoting BIM within sustainable design with Applied Software in the future.”

GSA’s BIM program was established in July 2003, along with PBS and Office of the Chief Architect and Construction Programs (OCA-CP) creating the National 3D-4D-BIM Program. All major projects receiving design funding in FY2007 and beyond are required to submit a spatial program BIM prior to final concept presentation.

For more information about IES, please visit www.iesve.com.