VIENNA, AUSTRIA — Transportation of goods and people plays a vital role in the lives of everyone and in virtually all businesses on earth. The cost of transportation, both personal and freight, accounts for a significant share in the global economy. Significant advances in technology as well as the incorporation of technology already available will be required to sustain the demands for transportation in the years ahead. Traditionally, transportation has been divided into three categories: land (automobiles, trucks, and rail); air; and water. There are four societies in IEEE addressing these issues, namely the Aerospace and Electronics Systems Society (AESS), the Intelligent Transportation Systems Society (ITSS), the Oceanic Engineering Society (OES), and the Vehicular Technology Society (VTS). Each of these societies addresses issues in a particular mode of transportation. However, there are many issues affecting all of these modes of transportation in the face of increasing demand. Some of the issues include congestion, environmental impact, and energy sources.

These four societies have joined together to co-sponsor a conference that will bring together academicians, practitioners, and policy makers to assess the current technology and identify the new technologies required to meet the demand for a sustainable transportation system. This conference will focus on the issues common to all of these modes of transportation as well as the integration of the technologies required.

Call for papers
The IEEE FISTS committee invites technical papers that will undergo the standard IEEE peer review process and will appear in conference proceedings. Program topics include:

Sustainable Land Transportation

  • Traffic Management
  • Traveler Information Services
  • Traffic Data Collection and Analysis
  • Traffic Estimation/Prediction
  • ECO-Friendly ITS programs
  • Innovative Transit Systems
  • Innovative Goods Movement Systems

Sustainable Water Transportation

  • Travel Modes
  • Watercraft Fuels
  • Goods Movement Issues

Sustainable Air Transportation

  • Air Traffic Management Systems
  • Aircraft Operations and Fuels

Integrated Systems

  • Co-operative Systems
  • Innovative Multi-Modal Travel Solutions
  • Transportation Infrastructure Issues


  • Alternative Energy and Fuels
  • Innovative Energy Management
  • Future Energy Sources

Environmental Issues

  • Transport Greenhouse Gas Emissions
  • Transport Air Pollutant Emissions
  • Transport-related Water Quality Issues

Efficiency Issues

  • Efficient Capacity Management of Roads
  • Efficient Capacity Management of Rail
  • Throughput Maximization
  • Systems Operation Efficiency

Submission Deadline: Feb. 1, 2011
Notification of Acceptance Date: March 30, 2011
Final Paper Submission Date: May 31, 2011

For more information and complete instructions for submission of manuscripts, visit or send an e-mail to