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IECA Region One Board of Directors Elect New Positions

IECA Region One Board of Directors Elect New Positions

Denver — Each year, the International Erosion Control Association (IECA) Region One elects board members to serve as association officers at the IECA Annual Conference in February.  The following board members were re-elected to their current officer positions:

  • Charles R. Riling, Jr., TRETCNO, ABI, CESSWI, administrative vice president
  • Don Thieman, CPESC, LEED-AP, secretary
  • Jonathan Koepke, CPESC, LEED-AP, treasurer
  • Wesley C. Zech, Ph.D., education vice president
  • Jerry B. Sanders, CPESC, committee vice president

In addition to Adam Dibble, CPESC, CESSWI, serving as the new board president, the newly elected officer positions consist of the following:

  • Rafael (Nicky) Araujo, membership vice president
  • Mark Myrowich, CPESC, CISEC, international development vice president
  • Dylan Drudul, CPESC, marketing vice president

Thomas Schneider, CPESC, will remain on the board to serve as the immediate past president. “Coming off the success of the IECA Annual Conference and Expo, the right directors were elected to serve in the right positions to make an impact for the association over the next year.” claims IECA executive director, Samantha Roe, IOM. “The directors that were elected to the newly vacated positions have connections with their chapter and international community to help extend our reach on an international scale. Look for exciting developments from IECA in the next year!”