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IECA members accept regionalization plan

DENVER, COLO. — The membership of the International Erosion Control Association (IECA) voted to accept a proposed regionalization plan. The voting period, which closed May 23, 2011, saw the measure pass with an almost 9-to-1 margin. The accepted regionalization plan will divide IECA membership into two regions. Region One will consist of North and South America and Europe; Region Two will be centered in what has been the Australasian Chapter and include Africa, Oceania, and Asia. This move will allow closer management and coordination with each region and better service to IECA’s diverse membership.

“After almost a decade since it was proposed, and after much hard work, IECA leaders and membership have agreed on a reorganization that will enable IECA to become a more efficient and truly global organization,” said Julie Etra, CPESC, board of directors International Development vice president and chair of the International Development Committee.

The IECA board of directors and staff will now work on an implementation plan to see the regionalization effort realized. IECA hopes to release details on the implementation effort in the coming months. More information on the regionalization plan may be found in an article written by IECA board of directors member, Rick Morse, CPESC, at www.erosioncontrol.com/september-october-2010/ieca-director-message.aspx.