Denver — The International Erosion Control Association Region One (IECA) announced that “LargeScale Performance Enhancement Study of Sediment Basin Technology,” which was submitted by Michael Perez, has been named the winner of the Most Distinguished Technical Paper Award for Environmental Connection 2016. This award honors the presenters who have demonstrated excellence within the content of their Environmental Connection technical presentation.

Michael Perez is a graduate student at Auburn University pursuing a Ph.D. in civil engineering. Michael was born and raised in Miami and attended Florida State University where he received his Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering with a double major in Civil and Environmental Engineering in 2012. He earned his Master's degree in Civil Engineering from Auburn University in 2014. His primary research involves investigating and improving standard ALDOT inlet protection and sediment basin practices using largescale testing techniques. He is also conducting research using unmanned aerial systems and technologies in construction engineering.

“I’m truly honored to be recognized by IECA for our research work,” says Perez. “I would like to express my sincere appreciation to the coauthors: Dr. Wesley Zech, Dr. Xing Fang, and Dr. Jose Vasconcelos, to our research sponsor ALDOT, and to the team of students and technicians that have dedicated significant effort and time to this project. I would also like to thank the IECA University Partners Program for their continued support in providing me the opportunity to participate in the Environmental Connection Conferences. The technical presentation will discuss innovative sediment basin research we are conducting at the Auburn University Erosion and Sediment Control Facility. I look forward to sharing exciting results from our largescale testing that show how the design of sediment basins can be modified to provide for enhanced performance,” concludes Perez.

The presentation of “LargeScale Performance Enhancement Study of Sediment Basin Technology” may be seen at Environmental Connection 2016, which will be held from February 1619, 2016, in San Antonio, Texas. IECA has already released the call for nominations for its 2015 Awards of Environmental Excellence, to be recognized at Environmental Connection 2016.

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