3D printed award: i+iconUSA’s Lehigh Quarry jobsite


Pittsburgh — Identified Technologies, a fully managed commercial drone solution, selected i+iconUSA for its Innovator of the Year award. The competition is held annually amongst many of the leading construction contractors in the United States.  i+iconUSA won for its work on the Lehigh Quarry in Pennsylvania.

i+iconUSA uses the Identified Technologies drone mapping solution at the Lehigh Quarry to track work and continually keep plans and progress updated. In addition, i+iconUSA has provided expert feedback to help make improvements to Identified’s Site IQ software. Their innovative leadership in construction technology helped inspire reporting on production and progress forecasting. In addition, they were the first to trial the product for bidding to help close the loop on bidding and pursuits.

Finally, i+iconUSA has been a participant in the Beta test for Identified Technologies’ new product, Truck IQ, where they have also provided invaluable feedback to refine the product and add new features.

Identified CEO Dick Zhang said “Our customers are at the heart of everything we do and no one has been a better partner or given us more expert feedback than i+iconUSA.  Just as we help them work with clarity and confidence, they help us recognize new ways our solution can deliver time and money saving insights.”