San Francisco, CA – Ideate Software, an Autodesk® AEC Industry Partner and Autodesk® Authorized Developer, announced enhancements to its Revit productivity applications.

“We are pleased that once again, we updated our software shortly after Autodesk released its newest version of Revit software,” said Glynnis Patterson, Director of Software Development. “In addition to aligning our software with Revit 2022, we made several improvements. One of the most significant changes is the translation of all our products into Chinese (Simplified), French, German, Japanese, and Spanish. Now, users around the world will be even more productive as they use our software in their native languages.”

Additionally, Ideate Software’s cloud network licensing now works in VDI and most other remote access environments, and the products now support Revit 2022 and the change from BIM 360 to Autodesk Construction Cloud (ACC).

Below are highlights of some enhancements made to individual products:

  • The new version of Ideate Explorer now includes:
    • New Ideate Query properties, including Is OrphanedIs Monitored and more
    • Integration of the Selection Box and Isolate tools for better warnings management
    • Revit 2022 element support including multi-rebar annotation, mullion tags and more
  • The new version of Ideate Sticky now offers:
    • Image transparency for improved Word, Excel and PDF layouts
    • Ability to open the source documents directly from Ideate Sticky
    • Enhanced multi-select capabilities to easily edit all Stickies at once
  • The new version of Ideate BIMLink provides:
    • Ability to import data without the Element ID
    • Editing support for Family Type Parameters
    • New data properties for superior Revit health check and quality control processes
  • The new version of IdeateApps includes the following improvements:
    • Revit 2022 only: View Title Alignment Control added to Clone, Align and SheetManager
    • ViewCreator: Batch Copy Views from Plan to Ceiling or from Area Scheme to Area Scheme
    • Clone, Align and the sheet creation within SheetManager support both model and non-model view alignment methods

Current subscribers have access to the current Revit-compatible version plus three earlier versions as well as access to point release improvements made during the subscription period. Those who aren’t subscribers yet can download 14-day trial versions from the Ideate Software website or purchase the $500 bundle that gives them access to all the solutions for six months.