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Ibrahim Erdem Joins Walker Consultants New York – Firm Expands Forensic Litigation Capabilities

Ibrahim Erdem Joins Walker Consultants New York – Firm Expands Forensic Litigation Capabilities

Ibrahim Erdem, Ph.D., PE has recently joined the team at Walker Consultants. He is a Senior Forensics, Restoration and Building Envelope Consultant in the firm’s New York office, specializing in failure investigation. Ibrahim’s experience includes condition assessment of buildings, evaluation and repair of structures, effects of adjacent construction, diagnosis of construction and design defects, evaluation of building components like stairs and other walking surfaces for compliance with building codes and standards, and evaluation of construction sites for site safety measures.

In addition, Ibrahim is a licensed Professional and Structural Engineer with over 19 years of experience in the assessment and repair design of structural systems and has developed repair techniques for masonry, concrete, and steel members. He often utilizes state-of-the-art computer modeling to determine the behavior of complex structural systems under extreme loading. He has authored over 20 publications in refereed journals and conference proceedings, such as the American Society of Civil Engineers, Architectural Engineering Institute, Journal of Nondestructive Evaluation, and Journal of Steel and Composite Structures. He has also been a speaker at meetings and symposiums throughout his career.

With the addition of Ibrahim to the New York office, Walker has expanded their technical capabilities in forensic litigation consulting and expert testimony for construction accidents, design defect assessments, trip/slip falls investigations, insurance investigations, and related services.

Walker Consultants is a 100% employee-owned company of many capabilities, offering professional services to clients in the private and public market sectors. We provide a full spectrum of forensics, restoration and building envelope solutions, including:

  • Emergency response engineering
  • Collapse/Failure, construction accident, and natural damage investigations
  • Repair design and construction documents for roofing, façade, waterproofing, and structural systems
  • Code compliance and upgrades for new energy
  • Assessment of concrete, light-gauge steel, masonry, wood, and composite construction

Whether for a parking structure, residential or commercial building, bridge, stadium, or industrial facility, our industry-leading experts have innovative solutions to maintain your structure’s integrity.