HP calculators are widely used in many of the engineering disciplines including in the structural engineering profession; see the resources below to ensure you are getting the most out of your trusty tool.

HP calculator blog — Read what’s top of mind for Wing Kin Cheung, the general manager of HP’s iconic calculator business, and chat with him on his blog "The Calculating World with Wing and You".

HP Solve monthly newsletter—Check out HP’s monthly newsletter containing calculation concepts, advise to help you succeed in your field, RPN (Reverse Polish Notation) tips, and limited-time HP calculator offers.

  • Read HP’s advice on gaining an edge when taking the FE or PE exam. Of note, both the HP 35s and the HP 33s Scientific Calculators are approved for the FE/PE exams and are the only scientific programmable calculators that allow users to store commonly used equations prior to the exam. (Volume 1, Feb. 2008)
  • Learn why HP calculators are so popular with Surveyors. (Volume 3, April 2008)

New online classes — HP offers convenient, self-paced, interactive computer based training that allow users to see the calculator of choice and the problem set side by side. The newest classes include HP 35s FE/PE exam computer-based training and HP 35s learning modules.