The HP Reverb G2 VR headset – VREX SaaS bundle removes implementation barriers and enables distributed teams to meet inside the model to collaborate, understand complexity and make great decisions. ​

​VREX is excited to join forces with HP to help leading enterprises around the world accelerate through these times of travel restrictions where working from home has become the new standard. This requires better tools for working with 3D models, BIM, CAD, and point clouds. ​

​At HP we believe Virtual reality will soon be an essential tool for business to become smarter and more efficient. Adoption hurdles are in the process of being solved: to scale VR into valuable and engaging tools companies still don’t feel confident to innovate themselves and struggle to find the right content development partner to help them. This is why we partner with VREX to bring a turn-key solution, says Cecile Tezenas , VR business development manager at HP.

It’s the ultimate use case, making 3D models more accessible and easier to understand with VR in a collaboration cloud service. Bundling award winning HP Reverb Gen2 and powerful workstations and the VREX service will remove many barriers to VR adoption and pave the way for other VR application areas, concludes Cecile Tezenas, VR business development manager at HP. ​

​At VREX we saw that a major barrier our customers spent time on was sourcing and configurating the hardware needed to enjoy the full benefits of our VR collaboration platform. Our customers deserve the same global delivery, service and support on their hardware as they get from VREX on our SaaS, says Hans Johansen CEO at VREX. As we love the HP Reverb Gen2 headset, the best VR headset for business in my opinion, partnering with HP with its global capabilities is the perfect fit, concludes Hans Johansen CEO at VREX. ​