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How to Make the Most of New Federal Broadband Funding Programs

How to Make the Most of New Federal Broadband Funding Programs

The latest installment of HDR’s Experts Talk interview series features Eric Beightel, a principal consultant for infrastructure policy and HDR’s broadband policy lead. Beightel explains the new federal broadband funding program and offers tips for states developing plans to improve broadband access in underserved areas.

A recognized expert in infrastructure policy, Beightel has worked in federal and state government and the private sector, developing and implementing policy and programs. In this interview, he clearly explains the Broadband Equity Access and Deployment program created by the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act, tracing how funds are allocated and how states can access maximum funding for their needs. 

“The funding process has a number of steps, each building on the previous one, allowing states to access at least part of the funding as they progress through the steps,” Beightel said. “I think it’s ingenious — and I don’t often describe legislation as ingenious.”

Beightel offers advice on how to break down the planning process to help states build a framework that best suits their needs. He also discusses how FCC coverage maps impact funding formulas.

Read the interview, “Putting New Federal Broadband Funding to Work in Your State.”

HDR’s Experts Talk interview series shines a light on various aspects of transportation infrastructure design and delivery. Each subject matter expert offers unique expertise and insights about new and ongoing trends, emerging technologies and the human side of infrastructure.