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How Payment Integration Automates the Receipt Process and Improves Cash Flow – WEBINAR

How Payment Integration Automates the Receipt Process and Improves Cash Flow – WEBINAR

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Aired: Tuesday, December 15, 2020

The availability to pay electronically has become increasingly popular in B2B. Accepting ACH payments eliminates the traditional paper check and gets money in the bank sooner. But what if your organization took it one step further with payment receipt integration into your ERP?

Join us for this webinar as we discuss how payment receipt integration:

  • Speeds payments
  • Automates manual coding and reduces manual steps
  • Improves cash flow and cash flow visibility

We’ll also show you invoicing and accounts receivable tools that minimize your efforts and improve security and compliance. If you use Deltek Vision® or Vantagepoint®, you won’t want to miss this!


Rick Janes, Senior Director – EVPay Solution, EleVia Software

Rick has over 25 years of experience connecting large diverse organizations to processes and technology that improve business performance. He has led numerous sales and technology teams across a broad spectrum of vertical markets including expense management, enterprise network design and configuration, cash flow management and payments processing. Rick loves to engage clients with fresh perspectives and help them leverage technology to get real, measurable results.

Ron Noden, Executive Vice President, EleVia Software

Ron is deeply committed to organization improvements and helping customers be more successful. Ron has served as CEO of one of Minnesota’s fastest growing technology companies and as a principal in sixteen startups. Ron assisted in the development of a revolutionary technology advancement in retail distribution for one of the world’s largest retailers. He loves to blend the power of technology with the power of talented people.


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