By: William G Handlos, P.E., Presto Geosystems

Why do some A & E consultants perennially get their choice of work? Let’s face it; most of the time all of the invited and interviewed teams have the requisite experience and competence to accomplish the stated scope of work. You’re pretty sure that you have checked all the boxes on your Statement of Qualifications and your written proposal is complete and clearly shows your team has the design solution experience relevant to the task at hand. So why do you not have more wins?

Differentiation. You need to make your firm memorable. One way to leave a lasting impression on a potential client is to show that your team has knowledge of, and access to, both traditional solutions and to proven nontraditional solutions.

For example, you’re asked to make a proposal to solve severe slope stability issues for steep slope conditions in an erosive soil condition. You include examples of terraced wall solutions using gabions to retain the soil.

You show several success stories in case study format. Rather than stopping there, you include a less mainstream solution that allows for green vegetation on the face of the walls utilizing geocell technology.  While your clients may not choose to employ this geosynthetic option, they will be impressed by consultants who offer options and most importantly- you will be remembered as a knowledgeable, innovative, and creative service provider.

Broader Solutions to Project Challenges. The first step in becoming a memorable firm starts with exposing your team to new ideas. Professionals on the

Geosystems technical team and our worldwide distribution network can present unique solution sets that are responsible for saving owners millions of dollars in reduced excavation & base preparation costs, contractors countless days off schedule, and lower environmental-impact solutions in place of hard-armoring-and can to help engineers differentiate themselves from the crowd.

Win more work. Make yourself memorable.

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