St. Louis — The City of Morehouse, Mo., selected Horner & Shifrin (H&S) to provide structural, environmental and mechanical engineering services for a complete design overhaul of the city’s 1940s-era water treatment and distribution system. Plans for the project include re-coating the city’s 100,000-gallon elevated water storage tank as well as structural and security improvements.

The city’s two shallow alluvial wells will be equipped with new line shaft, vertical turbine pumps, and the 70-year-old cast-iron water lines will be replaced with PVC. New valves and hydrants will be installed to maintain proper system maintenance, and new customer meters will be added for more accurate records of usage. The water treatment plant will be replaced with a new facility.

H&S project manager Shannon Todd says that all of these measures will enable residents of Morehouse to have continuous access to a clean and efficient water supply. “The proposed water improvements will give the city a manageable treatment process that will produce water with improved quality, and the new distribution lines will eliminate the significant water losses.”

The design phase of the project is expected to begin in April of 2015.