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Hope’s Windows, Inc. Expands Its One55 TM Series Hot-Rolled Steel Windows

Hope’s Windows, Inc. Expands Its One55 TM Series Hot-Rolled Steel Windows

Fixed windows with award-winning Thermal EvolutionTM technology are now available

Jamestown, NY – Hope’s Windows, Inc., the nation’s leading and most experienced manufacturer of custom-designed, solid hot-rolled steel and solid bronze window and door systems, announces the expansion of its One55™ Series fixed windows to feature Thermal Evolution™ technology, meeting a growing demand in the residential building market.

One55 Series fixed, solid hot-rolled thermal steel windows rely on Hope’s award-winning Thermal Evolution technology. The series replicates the aesthetic of historic, industrial steel windows with elegant arrow-shaped profiles and delicate sightlines – combining the striking visual appearance of the past with the thermal technology of the present. Product features include custom, solid hot-rolled steel profiles; fusion-welded frame and muntin construction; welded steel simulated or true divided lite muntin options; and Hope’s exclusive Power of 5™  Finishing System including hot-dipped galvanizing, abrasion resistant epoxy powder primers, and UV-stable polyurethane top coats in unlimited color choices. The windows accommodate up to 1-1/4″ thick glass units.

Hope’s is the only manufacturer of solid steel windows and doors with a thermal break. Hope’s Thermal Evolution technology is a breakthrough solution for hot-rolled, solid steel windows to meet increasingly stringent energy efficiency standards. Steel is five times more thermally resistant than aluminum, making it the ideal material for long-lasting energy efficient windows and doors.

Hope’s One55 Series fixed windows are custom-designed to a maximum size of 192″ (16′-0″) x 102″ (8′-6″) and accommodates up to 1-1/4″ thick glass units. The divided lite profiles (grids) can be simulated or true. The windows can be either interior or exterior glazed.

Hope’s One55 Series is specifically designed for projects requiring replication of historic steel windows with arrow profiles—unique to the market for meeting today’s demanding structural performance requirements, providing greater product integrity and accommodating varying glass thicknesses including insulated glass.

“One55 Series is a staple in our classic suite of products, so it’s important to make it available for any client-requested application,” says Ryan Carlson, Research & Development Manager, Hope’s Windows, Inc. “We strive to continuously develop new ideas and concepts specific to our clients’ needs, and One55 Series thermal steel windows are a result of that commitment.”

With all products Hope’s prides itself on a long-standing commitment to testing and certification. The company subjects its products to more third-party testing than any other steel window and door manufacturer. Hope’s will continue to push the limits beyond what conventional wisdom deems possible in its goals to achieve new possibilities in window and door design, delivered with peace of mind.


For more information, visit hopeswindows.com.