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Hope’s® One55™ Series Expanded to Include Doors and Operable Windows with Thermal Evolution™ Technology

Hope’s® One55™ Series Expanded to Include Doors and Operable Windows with Thermal Evolution™ Technology

The now-complete product line combines striking historical visual appearance with unmatched strength and thermal efficiency 

Jamestown, NY – Hope’s Windows, Inc., the nation’s leading and most experienced manufacturer of custom-designed, solid hot-rolled steel and solid bronze window and door systems, announces the addition of doors and operable windows with Thermal Evolution technology to its One55 Series of windows and doors. The One55 Series is the culmination of over a century of technological innovation: a complete product line that combines the striking visual appearance of the past with the innovative thermal technology of the present.

Hope’s Thermal Evolution technology is a breakthrough solution for hot-rolled, solid steel windows to meet increasingly stringent energy efficiency standards. With Thermal Evolution technology, all the intrinsic strengths of solid hot-rolled steel are maintained along with enhanced thermal efficiency, exceeding today’s most stringent thermal codes.

One55 Series windows and doors equipped with Thermal Evolution technology feature a fiber-reinforced polymer (FRP) isolator that is precision-machined to nest perfectly within the hot-rolled solid steel frame profiles. This highly thermally resistant FRP isolator is structurally bonded to the window and door frames to create a powerfully strong and enduring composite construction that delivers impressive thermal efficiency and enhanced resistance to condensation. With Thermal Evolution technology, Hope’s traditional solid hot-rolled steel framing profiles remain completely intact for the full depth of the window profile, making them significantly stronger than traditional thermally broken window and door systems.

The release of operable steel windows and doors with Thermal Evolution technology represents the completion of the One55 Series product line; the line now includes a full suite of steel windows and doors with thermal, hurricane-impact, and blast resistant enhancements. The One55 Series is at the heart of Hope’s partnership with historic and landmark committees to preserve early steel window visual elements through the utilization of specially designed hot-rolled steel window profiles, snap-in glazing beads, and matching arrow-shaped muntin bar profiles in fully-welded true or simulated divided lite configurations. This collection replicates the traditional aesthetic of historic building fenestration while upgrading performance and efficiency to modern standards.

For more information on the product features of Hope’s One55 Series steel windows and doors, visit hopeswindows.com.