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Honoring Innovative and Inspiring Concrete Projects

Honoring Innovative and Inspiring Concrete Projects

Around the world, magnificent buildings, roads, and bridges are being constructed using concrete—a material that allows engineers and architects to explore an infinite variety of forms. New technologies make it possible for engineers, architects, and contractors to rapidly explore options in ways that were not previously available, and as a result, the world’s design and building practitioners have recently created absolutely remarkable edifices.

ACI Excellence in Concrete Construction Awards

In 2015, the American Concrete Institute (ACI) launched the ACI Excellence in Concrete Construction Awards to celebrate innovation and inspire excellence throughout the global concrete design and construction community.  The awards consist of eight categories ranging from low, mid, and high-rise structures to bridges, decorative concrete, flatwork, infrastructure, and repair and restoration. First and second place winners are selected in each category. 

Through an annual Gala held in conjunction with the Fall ACI Concrete Convention, the ACI Excellence Awards provide a platform to recognize concrete projects at the forefront of innovation and technology.

Project Submission Criteria 

The awards were created to honor the visions of the most creative projects in the concrete industry, with the highest honor receiving the “Overall Excellence” award. To be eligible for participation in the ACI Excellence in Concrete Construction Awards, projects need to be nominated by an ACI Chapter, International Partner, or selected through self-nomination. All project winners are also eligible for the People’s Choice Award — an audience-driven award selected by participants who judge and vote for their favorite concrete project entered in the year’s Excellence Awards. 

2023 Overall Excellence Winner: Quay Quarter Tower

Located in the Central Business District of Sydney, New South Wales, Australia, Quay Quarter Tower is the world’s tallest adaptive reuse project, transforming the use from the building’s original purpose while preserving its architectural and cultural heritage. 

In the case of Quay Quarter Tower, a 45-year-old concrete building was repurposed with partial demolition and the addition of new elements—expanding both the ground width and height of the original structure. The new upcycled tower is a 709 feet tall building using a mixture of material solutions that extend service life until 2070. The project overcame unprecedented structural engineering challenges with innovative solutions that have set a new global standard for the effective conservation and lifetime extension of tall concrete buildings. Through a rigorous assessment and verification process, this project is the world’s first example of the adaptive reuse of a concrete skyscraper. 

The Overall Excellence winner also received first place in the Repair & Restoration category. Learn more about the project details and other winners at aciexcellence.org.  

Submit Your Project for 2024 Awards Cycle

The next annual ACI Excellence in Concrete Construction Awards will be held November 4, 2024, during the ACI Concrete Convention in Philadelphia, PA, USA. Projects are recognized for the degree of innovation, complexity, achievement, and value that concrete as a material provided.

Recently completed and nominated concrete projects are juried by an independent panel of industry professionals for first- and second-place category awards. Only one project will stand out by receiving the overall Excellence Award on Monday evening during the Fall ACI Concrete Convention. The submission deadline for this year’s award cycle is April 29, 2024.

Submit your project by paying a non-refundable $500 nomination fee. The nomination fee will be waived for projects nominated by an ACI Chapter or International Partner. All nominated projects must consist of new construction substantially completed within 36 months of the submission deadline.

To learn more about rules and judging criteria, or to submit a project, visit aciexcellence.org.