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Holcim Joins Ceres BICEP Network as Momentum for Corporate Climate Advocacy Builds

Holcim Joins Ceres BICEP Network as Momentum for Corporate Climate Advocacy Builds

Boston and Chicago – As part of its commitment to leading the transition to a net zero future, Ceres announced today that Holcim has joined the Business for Innovative Climate & Energy Policy (BICEP) Network—the leading coalition of U.S. companies pushing for ambitious federal and state climate, clean energy, and environmental justice legislation and regulations. Holcim is one of 13 new members that have joined in recent months, demonstrating that businesses are increasingly committed to growing as climate advocates.

“We are thrilled to welcome Holcim, a game-changing climate advocate into the Ceres BICEP Network, joining leading companies committed to tackling the climate crisis though public policy,” said Anne Kelly, vice president of government relations, Ceres. “As the leading U.S. manufacturer of low-carbon cement products and green roofing, Holcim is deeply invested in the transition to clean energy economy.”

Founded in 2009, the Ceres BICEP Network has grown to 85 organizations that collectively employ more than 3.9 million people and earn more than $1.24 trillion in annual revenue. The Network has been instrumental in securing major policy changes at both the federal and state level.

“We value collaboration with first movers in the climate and energy policy to help Holcim accelerate our transition to a net-zero future,” said Toufic Tabbara, North America Region Head at Holcim. “From supporting best practices to harnessing cutting-edge technologies, the Ceres BICEP network will connect Holcim to the leading climate advocates in the United States.”

Holcim has been a powerful partner with the Ceres BICEP Network, as a crucial voice of heavy industry championing more sustainable industrial processes. When corporate advocacy played a critical role in securing the Inflation Reduction Act in 2022, Holcim spoke up at key moments to support the country’s largest-ever climate investment. Among its actions, Holcim signed a letter organized by Ceres to members of Congress whose votes were vital to the success of the landmark law. The Ceres BICEP Network also marshalled more than 2,900 companies with more than 400 global employees in support of the federal legislation’s climate and clean energy provisions.