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Hoist and Winch Raise Corporate Profile

Hoist and Winch Raise Corporate Profile

Hoist and Winch Ltd has come a long way in a short space of time. From humble beginnings in 2007, the company today offers a full spectrum of lifting equipment services to the UK and global marketplace. Indeed, the Hoist and Winch portfolio now comprises product sales, installation, service, inspection, repair and hire, with a special emphasis on project work. With increasing demand, the reputation and corporate profile of this ISO9001-accredited business is rising fast.

The company excels in managing the supply and installation of standard and explosion-proof air-powered/electric hoists, while another strong business area is hoist hire, an offer that includes higher capacity air/electric hoists. As one of many market differentiators with its competitors, the company also offers installation services for rental hoists.

Although Hoist and Winch serves a number of sectors, the company is particularly at home supplying demanding industries such as heavy construction, cement production, petrochemical, offshore, marine, mining and tunnelling, many of which require explosion-proof equipment.

In-person and online sales

The Hoist and Winch distribution, hire and workshop facility is centrally located in the Midlands, at Alcester. However, the company also offers the facility to purchase many items of lifting and winching equipment online, whether for standard or ATEX environments. In addition, material handling equipment and height safety products are also available via the website.

A notable part of the business is exporting: the company exports all order values, from spare parts and small items, up to complete packages of lifting equipment comprising a mixture of powered/manual hoists, overhead cranes and ancillaries. Hoist and Winch has built up a strong working relationship with a number of key freight forwarders, exporting equipment to Africa, Asia, Australia, Central Europe, the Middle East and South America.

Project engineering

Alongside the supply of standard lifting equipment for both domestic and export markets, Hoist and Winch provides full project engineering capability. The company offers a proven and highly competent track record in the delivery of special projects. Areas of expertise include the oil and gas industry, explosion-proof lifting equipment for a variety of hazardous industries, and non-standard bespoke solutions to satisfy the particular requirements of customers.

A complete turnkey project solution from Hoist and Winch comprises: initial consultation and assessment of application requirements; proposal development involving exchange of relevant information; submission of proposal; contract award; final design and submission of drawings; project management; installation, commissioning and test; handover; and ongoing service and maintenance support.

Extensive service provision

Beyond the products themselves, primary among the Hoist and Winch service portfolio is the installation, commissioning, testing and LOLER certification of all types of lifting equipment, material handling equipment and height safety products. The company has an extensive range of rigging equipment required to carry out a wide variety of installation work and this is included in in the cost. In certain cases it is possible to hire specialist items of rigging or lifting equipment to provide specific functions.


The service, repair and inspection of lifting equipment can take place on-site or remotely. Hoist and Winch has expertise in the servicing of manual, air, hydraulic and electric powered hoists, cranes and winches. Further specialties include the design, supply, installation, testing and LOLER certification of hoist runway monorail beams, as well as light crane and monorail profile tracks (up to 2000 kg safe working load).

Moving forward, Hoist and Winch is looking to further expand its product sales, online presence, export business and project engineering success. With the company’s impressive track record to date, few would bet against this progressive business winning even more market share.

Visit www.hoistandwinch.co.uk for further information and to view recent case studies.