Kansas City, Mo. — HNTB Corporation introduced a new publication, SOLVE, that is dedicated to thoughtfully exploring the delivery of America’s infrastructure.

“As an industry leader and trusted adviser to transportation agencies, states and communities across the country, HNTB hopes to encourage solutions for overcoming pressing alternative delivery challenges facing infrastructure owners,” said Pat Mosher, director corporate communications. “SOLVE is designed to help expand the knowledge base of working solutions to get complex projects and programs delivered.”

In the first issue of SOLVE, HNTB explores modern program management and how the transportation sector is using it to assess available funding, time and resources to successfully deliver large, highly complex programs and projects. It includes real-life examples from:

· Texas, where the technique is being used to address $30 billion in damage across 65,000 square miles following a devastating 2008 hurricane season;

· Illinois, where the Illinois Tollway is working to complete an ambitious $5.3 billion congestion-relief program; and

· The District of Columbia, where the department of transportation has planned a $390 million program to replace two 1960s-era spans with new multimodal bridges as part of its Anacostia Waterfront Initiative.

SOLVE is mailed to approximately 16,000 public owner clients, contractors and partners twice a year. In addition, SOLVE also is available on the HNTB Publications app for either the iPad or iPhone, and downloaded from the firm’s website at www.hntb.com/sites/default/files/SOLVE-1-Program-management.pdf