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HNTB’s John Barton to chair ITS America committee on smart infrastructure

HNTB’s John Barton to chair ITS America committee on smart infrastructure

Smart Infrastructure Standing Committee supports rapid deployment of intelligent transportation technologies

KANSAS CITY, Mo. – John Barton, PE, HNTB Corporation DOT market sector leader and senior vice president, recently was appointed to chair a standing committee for the Intelligent Transportation Society of America.

Barton now leads the Smart Infrastructure Standing Committee, after previously serving as the co-chair of ITS America’s Smart Infrastructure Task Force. According to ITS America, the committee recently led the policymaking process to develop the association’s FAST Act reauthorization platform – Moving People, Data, and Freight – and its COVID-19 response legislation.

“It is an honor to expand my leadership role within ITS America,” said Barton, who also serves on the association’s Board of Directors. “I look forward to working with committee co-chair, Cordell Schachter of the New York City Department of Transportation, to advocate for automated, connected, shared, electrified transportation and broadband policies and programs that support the rapid deployment of intelligent transportation.”

Committee members will work on policies to protect infrastructure and transportation systems from cyber threats; technologies to improve roadway efficiency, reduce accidents, and facilitate the safe introduction of autonomous technologies into the transportation system; and policies that support the electrification of our nation’s roadways, transit, and freight systems. Additionally, as COVID-19 continues to impact the nation’s transportation system, the committee will continue its advocacy for emergency assistance for the transportation sectors ITS America represents.

In his role as HNTB’s DOT market sector leader, Barton, working in collaboration with regional/division presidents and office leaders, develops and directs strategies that enhance HNTB’s service to state departments of transportation across the country. He joined HNTB in 2018 and is based in Plano, Texas.

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