New five-year agreement continues firm’s partnership with GOAA on priorities to improve mobility and access at airport facilities

ORLANDO, Fla. – The Greater Orlando Aviation Authority has selected HNTB to continue serving the agency as consultant for transportation planning services. The selection continues HNTB’s service to GOAA in this role, which the firm has been providing since 2016.

Under the new agreement HNTB is responsible for a variety of tasks at both Orlando International Airport and Orlando Executive Airport. Services include on-airport roadway traffic counts, multimodal transportation facility planning, coordination with local, regional, state and federal transportation agencies on development of GOAA’s existing and future facilities as well as strategic planning.

As one of the fastest growing regions in the country, the need and demand for enhancement to infrastructure at Orlando’s aviation facilities only continues to increase,” said Alex Sorondo, PE, HNTB senior project manager.We are excited for the opportunity to continue serving GOAA and help identify and plan for the mobility solutions needed to continue achieving successful outcomes for its capital improvement programs.

In addition to the transportation planning services contract, HNTB also serves GOAA as the architect-of-record for the South Terminal C program at Orlando International Airport,expected to be completed in 2022.