KANSAS CITY, MO. — HNTB Corporation officially recognized 100 years of providing infrastructure solutions with events across the country Tuesday, January 14, including Kansas City, New York, Los Angeles, and many others.

“In 1914, our firm opened its doors as a small bridge design partnership in Kansas City, Mo.,” said Rob Slimp, CEO of HNTB Infrastructure. “Since that day, HNTB has grown to become one of the preeminent transportation infrastructure firms in the United States, having built a legacy that has helped shape and reshape the world in which we live and work.”

With roots in the design of innovative railroad bridges, the firm’s capabilities have grown to include a full range of infrastructure-related services, including planning, design, program delivery and construction management. Today’s HNTB professionals, totaling more than 3,600 across the country, continue to help transform American transportation and infrastructure, including the design of the new Sixth Street Bridge in Los Angeles; the LYNX Blue Line light rail extension in Charlotte, N.C.; the State Route 99 Alaskan Way Tunnel in Seattle; the “Green Build” expansion at San Diego International Airport; and the new Levi’s Stadium for the San Francisco 49ers in Santa Clara, Calif.

Across the country, HNTB has built a reputation as trusted consultant to public agencies, toll authorities and the financial community. HNTB’s contributions can be seen among the largest, most iconic and complex bridges, highways, airports, public buildings and public works projects across the country. Today, it is the No. 1 consultant to state departments of transportation, and HNTB serves as the general engineering consultant to more U.S. toll agencies than any other firm.

“Building trust and long-term relationships with our clients is fundamentally how the firm has consistently served them with technically innovative, meaningful work,” Slimp said. Some of those relationships have lasted decades, such as the firm’s work as general engineering consultant to the New Jersey Turnpike Authority, which began in 1949.

Harvey Hammond, who has been HNTB’s chairman for 20 years and joined the firm in 1966, said the firm’s dedication to quality and client needs has given it the longevity needed to help shape and reshape America’s modern, multimodal transportation system. “But we’re celebrating more than just longevity,” he added. “We are celebrating our contributions to the infrastructure that moves the people and goods of this country and the thousands of dedicated and talented engineers, architects, planners and businesspeople who make a difference as HNTB professionals every day.”

Additional anniversary activities are planned throughout the year. HNTB’s 60 offices are performing at least 100 hours of community service in recognition of the value HNTB employees place on the cities and towns where they live and work.

“HNTB has endured and evolved for more than a century,” Slimp said. “While the technology available to us continues to advance in exciting ways, HNTB’s integrity – its commitment to our clients, our communities and their long-term success – remains steadfast.”