KANSAS CITY, MO. — HNTB has been named among the largest employee majority-owned companies in the U.S., and has appeared in this list for six consecutive years. The ranking is compiled by the National Center for Employee Ownership (NCEO), a national organization to promote employee ownership.

HNTB’s employee stock ownership plan marks its 10th anniversary this year with a successful track record. The firm’s employees’ confidence in HNTB’s success is reflected in the growth of employees’ average account balances, from $8,796 in 2001 to $132,200 last year — a compound annual growth rate of 43.3 percent.

HNTB’s share value has experienced a 26.1 percent compound annual growth rate during this time.

“Our employees realize that what they do each day affects the performance of the firm,” said Bob Stromsted, HNTB Corporation CEO. “Simply said, HNTB’s success equals our employees’ success.”

The plan’s total balance has experienced an annual compound growth rate of 48 percent since the ownership plan began. In ten years, the plan’s value has grown from $13.3 million to $452.6 million.

Rankings by the NCEO are based on number of employees. To be included on the list, companies must have a majority of their stock owned by an employee stock ownership plan or similar plan.

For more information, visit www.nceo.org.