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HLW Highly Recommends Ideate Software Add-in Tools for Revit

HLW Highly Recommends Ideate Software Add-in Tools for Revit

San Francisco, CA – Ideate Software, an Autodesk® AEC Industry Partner and Autodesk® Authorized Developer, is pleased to present its latest customer spotlight, which highlights how HLW benefits from Ideate Software add-ins for Revit. HLW has been designing buildings for more than 135 years, and its designs have earned the firm a solid reputation in multiple sectors, including government, education, financial, residential, hospitality and technology.

Jeff Baily, BIM manager at HLW said, I use and love all the Ideate Software tools for Revit. They allow HLW to stay on the forefront of integrating technology into architecture and design while providing a clean interface that doesn’t distract users or spam the toolbars with useless gizmos.”

Jeff continued, “At HLW, we continually challenge ourselves to reach beyond our imaginations to create places that enhance the user experience. The Ideate Software tools support us in this challenge by streamlining workflows, so we have more time to focus on innovative and creative thinking.”

Here are some ways HLW uses Ideate Software’s Revit plugin tools:

Ideate Explorer – Filter, locate and isolate specific elements or systems in a model; ensure elements reside in the proper workset; verify the accuracy of certain data exports used in project health checks

Ideate BIMLink – Ensure the consistency and accuracy of various kinds of schedules

Ideate Sticky – Add layers of information to drawing sets that might not exist in the model

Ideate StyleManager – Keep clutter down; develop or revamp templates


  • Ideate XRay – Nearly eliminate support tickets related to issues with visibility
  • Ideate ViewCreator – Get projects set up quickly with standard views
  • Ideate SpellCheck – Check a whole set of sheets to remove typos
  • Ideate Clone – Document design options for client approval and advance designs

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