The podcast series, Highway See, has released its fifth episode sharing the fascinating history of our roads and bridges. Highway See Episode 5: Topography, Geology, Weather & Water ties all these puzzle pieces together to tell the story of how Tennessee’s roadway system is created accommodating our unique factors.

When traveling roads in Tennessee, it’s rare one would give much thought to consider what engineering marvels they actually are. Variations in Tennessee’s geography, topography, water and weather from region to region, create unique challenges to solve as roads are built and maintained.

“For years, I have said that if a person knows about our rivers, topography and roads,” said Susie Alcorn, creator and executive producer of Highway See, “then that person will have a very good base to understand Tennessee as a whole.”

Highlights of Highway See Episode 5 include:

  • Not only three grand divisions, but seven different physiographic zones in Tennessee
  • The geotechnical expertise needed for new construction and maintenance of roads and bridges
  • The challenges of building roads in West Tennessee
  • How limestone in the central basin of Middle Tennessee impacts roads
  • East Tennessee’s challenging history of road construction
  • The tunnels of Tennessee
  • Why TDOT must work with nature and not against it
  • The TVA Act and the rise of dam construction
  • The origins of pothole formation
  • How Tennessee’s rapidly changing weather impacts transportation

The podcast is narrated and hosted by Chris Hill of HumblePod. Highway See Episode 5 covers Topography, Geology, Weather & Water and features these guests:

  • Ed Wasserman, retired veteran of Tennessee Department of Transportation (TDOT) who is a renowned national expert on bridge structures
  • Bill Moore, retired TDOT Chief Engineer and Chairman of Tennessee Infrastructure Alliance
  • David Donoho, active civil engineer, formerly head of the construction division at TDOT
  • Paul Degges, current Chief Policy Advisor at TDOT who formerly served 14 years as Chief Engineer
  • Harry Moore, retired TDOT geotechnical engineer and author
  • Jason Mumpower, Comptroller for the State of Tennessee
  • Raul Lopez, community leader and Executive Director of Men of Valor

“The idea of Highway See is to share the history behind the roads we all use, with a goal to better understand how roads are crucial to our continual mobility and advancement,” said Alcorn. “Roads are known to not only expand our economy and connect us to faraway places, roads have intrinsically shaped our state.”

The slogan for the podcast series is “We hope you’ll see the highway when you’re on the road.”

Anyone can follow or subscribe to the Highway See podcast for free wherever they get their podcasts. Episodes are available for listeners anytime at HighwaySee.com.