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Heritage-Crystal Clean, Allonnia, Revive Environmental, and EPOC Enviro Launch 4never™, the First Full-Scale, Closed-Loop PFAS Solution in the Market

<strong>Heritage-Crystal Clean, Allonnia, Revive Environmental, and EPOC Enviro Launch 4never™, the First Full-Scale, Closed-Loop PFAS Solution in the Market</strong>

Heritage-Crystal Clean Inc. (Nasdaq: HCCI), through its wholly-owned subsidiary, a leading provider of environmental and industrial services, today announces a new partnership with Allonnia, Revive Environmental, and EPOC Enviro to launch 4never™, the first closed-loop PFAS remediation solution, to the landfill and industrial waste management markets. 

PFAS, or per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances, is a group of chemicals known as “forever chemicals” that have been used in a wide range of consumer and industrial products. Research has shown that they have become pervasive in the environment and pose a health risk when accumulated in the body, creating a need to safely destroy these contaminants while leaving no harmful byproducts.

4never™ unites the PFAS remediation steps of separation, concentration, transportation, and destruction to provide an effective and environmentally responsible solution for landfill operators and the industrial market. 

4never™ combines the power of Surface Active Foam Fractionation (SAFF®) technology, exclusively distributed by Allonnia in North America and manufactured by EPOC Enviro, with Revive Environmental’s PFAS Annihilator™ to provide a complete PFAS elimination process. 

Heritage-Crystal Clean (“Crystal Clean”) is the exclusive distributor and operator of the 4never™ solution to the private landfill and industrial waste treatment markets, serving clients through its nationwide network of branches and waste treatment facilities.

“Our joint vision begins with protecting the Earth’s resources. Providing a solution which addresses a problem as pervasive as PFAS is a powerful execution of this vision,” said Crystal Clean’s President & CEO, Brian Recatto. “The 4never™ solution offers landfill operators and manufacturers a cost effective and compliant approach to managing PFAS contaminated leachate and wastewaters.”

“Allonnia is proud to work with Crystal Clean and our technology partners, combining SAFF® and PFAS Annihilator™, to create a solution for the North American market that permanently destroys what has been labeled a forever chemical,” said CEO of Allonnia, Nicole Richards. “It is impressive how the landfill market has embraced the PFAS removal challenge, and it’s been incredible to work with other innovators passionate about solving our most challenging environmental problems.” 

4never™ helps landfill operators and manufacturers improve their sustainability footprint by removing and destroying PFAS prior to discharge to their local municipal wastewater treatment systems.  

The hub-and-spoke model begins with a SAFF® unit at the generating source. Crystal Clean will provide, operate, and service the SAFF® unit, which separates and concentrates PFAS contaminants from waste streams. Crystal Clean will then transport the separated PFAS hyper-concentrate to one of its wastewater treatment facilities, where Revive Environmental’s PFAS Annihilator™ unit will destroy the PFAS. 

“Revive Environmental is excited to bring its patented, enabling technology to this partnership,” said Revive Environmental President and CEO David Trueba. “The PFAS Annihilator™ is the culmination of years of development and the leading way to completely destroy PFAS with the confidence that can only be realized through world-class scientific research.”

Crystal Clean will also implement the SAFF® technology at its own commercial wastewater treatment facilities to further concentrate other PFAS contaminated waste streams prior to destruction using the PFAS Annihilator™. 4never™, the first of its kind, full-scale, closed-loop PFAS treatment solution will be offered by the consortium as a service, where customers will pay a fixed cost per gallon.  

More information about the 4never™ solution can be found at www.4never.com.