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Hendy, a nationally-recognized interior architectural design firm, today announced the total interior renovation of the Pacific Life corporate headquarters in Newport Beach, California. Dubbed by employees as, ‘Workplace Transformation 2.0,’ the overhauled space spans multiple floors and embraces the blended workplace of the future with an ecosystem that encourages face-to-face interaction and relationship-building, while fostering collaboration through technology and workspaces that provide flexibility, modularity and seamless mobility for both onsite and remote workers. The modern, yet professional aesthetic appeals to newcomers and veteran talent alike, and was designed to meet the needs of employees now and for years to come.   

“Pacific Life’s ‘Workplace Transformation 2.0’ is a complete glow-up from its previous incarnation,” said Hendy principal, Anna Alm-Grayhek. “The new blended workplace is an employee destination with modern and innovative materials that foster wellness and collaboration, while also creating a highly productive, inviting space that’s equally as beautiful as it is functional and sustainable.”  

The completely reconfigured environment is outfitted with engagement zones, breakout rooms and varied collaboration areas that offer employees different workspaces and meeting options. Individuals needing privacy have adjustable work areas with stations that adapt to personal preference and allow for natural light when desired. As employees move through the office, they have the option of storing personal belongings in day lockers and are kept informed about current events via LED monitor panels located outside every elevator.  

“As we look to further empower our employees and business, it’s important that our workplace offer the necessary design and resources,” said Sarah Balfour, workplace strategy manager, Pacific Life. “Hendy’s design improvements showcase our prioritization of curating culture, relationship-building and collaboration.”  

The space’s design aesthetics reflect the Pacific Life brand with its famed bronze sculpture of a breaching whale and its calf in the atrium, now encircled by colorful custom graphic wallcoverings that mimic the ocean, from sandy bottom to the clearest blue surface. Aquatic colorways also are woven throughout the interior furnishings and textiles, creating the illusion of a swirling ocean.   

Hendy partnered with Howe Bonney & Associates, Howard Building Corporation (HBC), tk1sc, Tangram, Steelcase, Allsteel, Corporate Business Interiors (CBI) and Bentley Mills on the project.