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HeliCAP® V3.0 – The Premier Tool for Confident Helical Engineering

HeliCAP® V3.0 – The Premier Tool for Confident Helical Engineering

Hubbell Power Systems, Inc (HPS), an international leader in earth anchoring, has released HeliCAP® Helical Capacity Design Software Version 3, a proprietary engineering software for confident helical engineering. It performs powerful calculations on site soil parameters to aid engineers designing foundations, tiebacks, soil nails, and heavy guyed loads. The software gives prompts to maintain control over essential criteria to affect the same process HPS application engineers employ daily to analyze problems and specify solutions.

Unlike previous versions of HeliCAP, version 3 is cloud-based and can be instantly accessed from any web-connected device. Users of previous versions of HeliCAP will notice some familiar tools have been enhanced. Improvements include:

  • Allowing collaborators to view or edit shared jobs
  • Ability to create up to 10 soil profiles in a single job
  • Better correlation between blow count and soil profile

With the largest network in North America, local distributors of CHANCE® helical piles are available to assist engineers and installers with helical pile projects through their knowledge of local soil profiles, technical and engineering support, and reduced lead times with local, ready-to-ship inventory.

CHANCE helical piles are used worldwide to secure residential and commercial buildings, tower foundations, heavy equipment foundations and many other deep foundation applications. Engineered for dependability and long-term stability, HPS’ foundation solutions feature exclusive anchoring techniques, tools, designs and sizes to suit a broad range of applications.

The software is available to use instantly at no charge. Visit https://www.hpsapps.com/helicap to create an account.