Las Vegas — Working through the night, Ram Jack Las Vegas lifted and fully stabilized the settled slab that threatened to halt operations of the SLS Hotel & Casino when foundation issues arose from a leak causing a 3-inch slab settlement in the worst area.

After noticing foundation issues near the casino’s bar area, the SLS Hotel & Casino realized repairs were needed soon. A plumbing leak had caused the slab to settle up to 3 inches and suffer more than 500 square feet of damage. Not only did it pose the situation of this area being a very high active area, but also the structural slab had channels containing electrical conduits for various gaming devices on the floor proving the job to be very complicated. Not wanting to waste another minute, owners quickly contacted Ram Jack Las Vegas.

Ram Jack proposed installing helical pile grids every five feet to stabilize the slab and also use a Ram Jack retaining system. The plan was accepted and repairs went underway. Since the casino had to remain open during the day, Ram Jack crews worked from 12 a.m. to 8 a.m. each night of the job, ensuring to cover up any debris or holes before customers arrived.

Once the piles were installed and the slab was lifted, a sand slurry was injected underneath to fill remaining voids. In the end, owners were thrilled to have a permanent foundation solution that disrupted business up-time as minimally as possible.