When President Biden signed the $1.2 trillion infrastructure bill into law last month, he destined an already booming construction industry to reach new heights. Before the bill was passed, ResearchandMarkets.com projected the construction industry in the United States would grow by 15.6% this year. With the US government’s hefty investment in civil construction, the construction industry will grow significantly in 2022 and beyond.  Demand for heavy lifting and specialized transport equipment is expected to skyrocket.  “As the first heavy lifting company in the United States to offer a jack-up system rental with 2,000 mton capacity, Engineered Rigging will meet the most demanding heavy lifting needs of our clients,” shared Kitchen.

Engineered Rigging Co-founders Christopher Cox and Eddy Kitchen have carefully followed these developments and acted proactively by expanding Engineered Rigging’s fleet of heavy lifting equipment. In the June issue of Heavy Lifting News, we announced the addition of our rental fleet to include two Enerpac Super Lift SL60 hydraulic gantries and four sling adjusters (SyncHoists) with a 370-mton capacity each. Today, we’re thrilled to announce that we have ordered an Enerpac JS-500 jack-up system and are accepting rental reservations for 2022. Engineered Rigging is the first company to have this model available for rental with technical support in the United States. It has a variety of civil construction applications, including bridge building and demolition, subway construction and renovations, and port construction. 

Enerpac JS-Series“Engineered Rigging is thrilled to be the first heavy lifting company in the United States to offer a jack-up system rental with 2,000 mton capacity. This synchronized lift system will meet the most demanding of our clients’ needs,” shared Kitchen.  

As an authorized dealer and service provider of Enerpac Heavy Lifting Technology, Engineered Rigging has all models of the Enerpac J-Series of jack-up systems available for purchase and rental as shown below. If you’re uncertain of the best model to meet your needs, please contact John Kuka or call 317.468.3725 to discuss your project. 

Enerpac JS-Series Capacities & Specifications 

Enerpac Jack-Up System Model 


Capacity per Tower (m-tons) 

Capacity per Tower (kN)  

Maximum Sideload (m) 

Weight per Jack-up Unit (kg) 





5% @ 20 m  



Buy or Rent 



4% @ 15 m 






3% @ 10 m  






3% @ 6 m 



Jack-Up System Features 

Every model in the Enerpac JS-Series of jack-up systems have a variety of features that maximize precise control and optimize safety: 

  • Automatic and manual lifting settings 

  • Synchronization of multiple networked lift points 

  • Center of gravity calculation 

  • Overload & stroke alarms

  • Emergency stop switch at jack-up units and controls

  • Automated load balancing  

  • Self-contained hydraulics in each jack-up unit enable an uncluttered (and safer) work area 


Jack-up Systems Applications 


General Construction 

Bridge Construction & Demolition 

Ship Hull Block Installation 

Port Crane Lifting 

Shovel Undecking 

Top Side Lifting

How Does a Jack-Up System Work? 

Enerpac JS-Series of jack-up systems features a custom-developed, synchronous heavy lifting system. A typically setup includes four jack-up units, one positioned under each corner of a load. A load is lifted as barrels are slid into the system, lifted and stacked, to form “lifting towers.” The lifting towers incrementally lift the load and mechanically hold it into place at the desired height. The lifting and lowering functionality of Enerpac’s jack-up systems are managed via a hand-held computer control unit that optimizes control and safety.