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HDR’s Latest Experts Talk: Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure with Justin Merkel

HDR’s Latest Experts Talk: Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure with Justin Merkel

OMAHA, Neb. — Fleet operators moving toward electrification can save a lot of money by investing in the correct infrastructure up front. In HDR’s latest Experts Talk, senior distribution engineer Justin Merkel details fleet operators’ options for infrastructure when electrifying their fleets. Working with utilities and using precise data will result in reduced electric demand, reducing infrastructure costs and future electric costs.

“Understanding the rate structure of the electric utility is important for understanding what kind of infrastructure to install,” he says in the interview. “Fleet owners should be sharing their implementation studies and plans with the electric utility early and often to better understand short term and long term costs for both capital investment and operation. The utility will want a realistic forecast of electric load to begin the planning process for the needed infrastructure to support new loads.”

Merkel, part of HDR’s zero emissions team, has more than 25 years of experience in electric and natural gas utility design, construction and operations. He has worked on electric vehicle conversion projects around the United States, including leading our program management efforts to support SamTrans’s zero-emissions bus transition program in San Mateo County, California.

HDR’s Experts Talk interview series shines a light on various aspects of transportation infrastructure design and delivery. Each subject matter expert offers unique expertise and insights about new and ongoing trends, emerging technologies and the human side of infrastructure. Read the latest interview here.

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