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HDR’s Joe Wagner Explains Water Injection Dredging and Its Benefits

HDR’s Joe Wagner Explains Water Injection Dredging and Its Benefits

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers this year outlined its intention to increase the beneficial use of dredge material. Water injection dredging, a technique commonly used in Europe, offers one way to meet these new goals. HDR Senior Dredging Engineer Joe Wagner, P.E., D.NE, BCEE, helped the only U.S. port to use this method so far and has been a leading proponent of its effectiveness.

In the latest of HDR’s Experts Talk series, Wagner explains the technique, how to determine whether it’s a good fit for a port and where it’s been used.

This technique uses the natural current of a waterway to move sediment away from a channel. It fulfills the Corps’ new directive outlined in the January 2023 “Beneficial Use of Dredged Material Command Philosophy Notice,” which shares an intention to increase its use of beneficial use of dredge material.

“This is a great technique that has the potential to solve problems for ports in an environmentally friendly way,” Wagner said. “I am passionate about sharing it, and I hope that this move from the Corps will spur greater use of injection dredging in the U.S.”

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