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HDR’s Cameron Schaefer Promoted to Transportation Data Acquisition & Reality Mesh Director

HDR’s Cameron Schaefer Promoted to Transportation Data Acquisition & Reality Mesh Director

OMAHA, Neb. — Digital design expert and dedicated innovator Cameron Schaefer, P.E., has been promoted to HDR’s transportation data acquisition & reality mesh director.

Schaefer will work in coordination with HDR’s corporate data acquisition program to develop and use unmanned aerial systems, artificial intelligence, light detection and ranging, geophysics, geomatics survey and reality mesh services for our clients’ most complex programs. (Mesh models can be used for visualizing projects in design, monitoring construction and asset management of completed infrastructure.)

He’ll also provide technical leadership for building information modeling to integrate digital delivery through a project’s life cycle. “In transportation, we are in a technological revolution,” Schaefer said. “Big data, internet-connected devices, artificial intelligence and machine learning are fundamentally disrupting the way we collect, manage and drive insights from our data. I’m looking forward to offering a full-service, world-class program to our clients, with informed, timely and usable data centered on their assets.”

Schaefer’s 13 years of experience span a diverse range of markets and technologies, including highway/roadway, drainage and transit design. He has completed over 110 square miles of reality mesh deliverables for clients across the U.S. In addition to BIM, Schaefer’s background includes working with artificial intelligence and drones, creating digital twins for asset management and more.

In 2020, Schaefer was a finalist for Autodesk’s International Innovator of the Year award. As the BIM manager for the Los Angeles World Airports Automated People Mover Project, he managed more than 250 modelers across 37 companies and 28 offices. The APM project presented a first-of-its kind challenge in blending over 90 architectural models and 60 civil models. As the digital design lead for the Ontario Line Technical Advisory team in Toronto, Canada, Schaefer is taking those industry-first innovations and data acquisition services and applying them to the digital delivery for the CAD$10.9 billion construction project.

“Cameron brings an incredible amount of technical expertise, paired with an unmatched passion for technology,” said HDR’s Professional Services Director for Transportation Pat Hickox. “Implementing new and innovative ways to better serve our clients will enhance our efficiencies in digital project delivery, data collection and management, and technology preparedness.”

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