OMAHA, NEB., AND VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA — Engineering and architecture firm HDR has acquired HydroQual Inc., which specializes in water resource management. Based in Mahwah, N.J., HydroQual has nine offices in New Jersey, New York, Massachusetts, Florida, Utah, and Dubai. HydroQual now will conduct business as HDR|HydroQual. Financial terms of the agreement were not disclosed.

“This acquisition not only expands HDR’s geographic reach in the Northeast, it also increases our water quality expertise around the world and expands our industrial treatment capabilities using the design-build model,” said Gary Bleeker, HDR’s director of water programs.

“Joining HDR will provide HydroQual with access to clients in areas of the country that were out of reach, providing opportunity for continued growth and exposure to different and challenging projects,” said William Leo, HydroQual’s president.

HDR Corp., the Canadian engineering arm of parent company HDR Inc., also has acquired Amnis Engineering Ltd. Financial terms of the agreement were not disclosed. Going forward, they will continue to lead the Canadian hydropower practice out of Vancouver.

The acquisition strengthens HDR’s engineering expertise across the entire spectrum of hydropower, water resources, and broader energy engineering markets, and increases the number of HDR Corp. employees to more than 250.

“Amnis’s strong presence in British Columbia complements our industry hydropower and broader international energy practice,” said Darryl Shoemaker, HDR’s energy market sector director.

“HDR gives Amnis an expanded client toolbox and broader market base, which allows us to leverage our capabilities and reputation both in British Columbia and with international clients,” said Glen Ichikawa, president of Amnis.