Keynote Address by HCSS President Steve McGough on Doing More, With Less

SUGAR LAND, Texas (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — HCSS, a leading provider of innovative software that helps heavy civil businesses streamline operations, recently completed their first Users Group Meeting (UGM) Session, Jan. 31 – Feb. 3, 2022. The second “Empower Every Employee” session was held Feb. 21-24, 2022, at the HCSS corporate campus in Sugar Land.

“Commanding every stage, empowering every employee, and accounting for every detail is the major theme of this year’s UGM,” said Steve McGough, President at HCSS. “With the labor shortage the biggest challenge for companies in 2022, contractors need to use technology to improve efficiencies and help employees do more work. HCSS has over 60 solutions for companies that will drive value and increase productivity so workers can do more with less.”

Over 1,200 conference attendees learned significant lessons from the various sessions presented by company executives and product managers. Steve McGough gave the keynote address on industry challenges, citing, “The key issue is the lack of labor, with 83% of contractors reporting difficulty filling salaried and hourly craft positions and 72% of contractors identifying the labor shortage as the biggest challenge for 2022.”

HCSS gave over 140 classes on the latest software features, training on how to get the most out of current software, and information on new software, including:

  • Equipment360:
    • What’s new and what you should know for 2022
    • Manage your fleet more effectively in 2022
    • Track more than just oil with the preventive maintenance system
    • Limit paperwork in the shop
  • HeavyJob:
    • Introducing project management
    • Exploring cost and revenue forecasting
    • Transition to HeavyJob Web
  • HCSS Telematics:
    • Dive into operator behavior reporting with HCSS telematics
    • Heavy fleet metrics affecting your bid and job costs
    • Geofencing, grouping, and reporting
    • What you should know and what’s new for 2022
  • HeavyBid
    • Quickly and safely change data throughout the entire estimate
    • Improving estimating strategies with HeavyBid Insights
    • Overhaul your master estimate to gain speed and accuracy
    • Drive profit and efficient practices with integrated field and estimating
  • HCSS Safety
    • Pre-planning work with strategy in mind
    • Build a better safety department and engage your crew
    • Achieve a 100% paperless safety program
    • Safety trends and regulatory updates
    • Evaluate the safety performance of your entire jobsite
  • HCSS Plans
    • Track daily quantities with HCSS Plans and HeavyJob
    • Use HCSS Plans in the office
    • Configure calculators using HCSS Plans
  • HCSS Quality
    • Improve quality control using HCSS quality
  • HCSS myField
    • Intro to myField: the latest HCSS App for individual employees
  • HCSS PreConstruction
    • Tracking from an opportunity to estimating
    • Make the move from spreadsheets
    • Keeping your boss informed
    • Save more time with integrations

Timely topics were addressed in more sessions, including:

  • Navigating uncertain times: do you have the right team and approach?
  • Inflation: more than material price increases
  • Why you should consider implementing identity management
  • Building the foremen of the future
  • Lessons from the pandemic: survive or thrive through your next big challenge
  • What challenges are facing the industry over the next 3-5 years?
  • Risky Behavior: avoid phishing and social attacks
  • Capitalize on current market opportunities: how to create outreach strategies for success

The HCSS UGM 2022 also included wellness activities, town hall meetings, coaches’ corners, and one-on-one meetings with experts. If you’d like to learn more about these sessions and presentations, contact your HCSS representative.