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HCSS Partners with PipelineSuite to Improve Bid Process

<strong>HCSS Partners with PipelineSuite to Improve Bid Process</strong>

HCSS, a leading provider of innovative software that helps heavy civil businesses streamline their operations, announces a partnership and integration with PipelineSuite, a leading bid solicitation software solution.  HCSS HeavyBid integrates with PipelineSuite, a suite of software modules that streamline the pre-construction bid management “pipeline” more efficiently so users can win more bids. By streamlining the bid solicitation process, HeavyBid users save time and money, increasing efficiencies, productivity, and profitability.

“Customers want to streamline their business operations and eliminate duplicate data entry,” says Rick Dill, President and CEO, PipelineSuite. “Many of our clients use HeavyBid, so it is a natural choice for us to integrate with the solution to make business easier for customers. PipelineSuite is flexible, which allows heavy civil contractors to do business the way they want to do business.”

“We are excited to have the opportunity to work with a partner that has been as dedicated to building a great solicitation process as we have been to building estimating, operations, and fleet software,” says Amanda Ayles, HeavyBid Product Manager at HCSS. “This partnership, and the resulting integrations, are a part of the ongoing commitment we have to serving the heavy civil industry and helping our customers bid more of the right work in less time.”

PipelineSuite allows contractors to send bid solicitations and addendum notices in a fraction of the time. The tool refines the bid solicitation process of creating bidder lists and sending out invitations with the fewest clicks.

PipelineSuite contains a robust, searchable directory of subcontractors in the USA and Canada, augmenting current databases when there is a lack of coverage in a particular area or trade. HCSS users gain access to additional subcontractors they may not know about, extending their coverage area. Other PipelineSuite features allow users to:

  • Send out bid invites and addendum notices, then track responses.
  • Invited subcontractors can access the plan room without registering or logging in, eliminating roadblocks.
  • Acknowledge which subs have opened the email and accessed the plan room.
  • Quickly edit contact info and emails on bidder lists using inline editing, then resend in one click.
  • Create and send prequalification forms with a highly customizable drag-and-drop form builder.
  • Create custom fields to track whatever is important to your business, such as insurance expiration dates and more.

DOT contractors can prove they meet government requirements to solicit bids from a certain percentage of minority, women-owned, or disabled veteran firms, for example. PipelineSuite provides a single source of truth that is the most current information, ensuring bids go to the right subcontractors.