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HCSS Hosting First-of-Its-Kind Foreman User Group Meeting Empowering Field Leaders

HCSS Hosting First-of-Its-Kind Foreman User Group Meeting Empowering Field Leaders

Investing in Foremen Helps Companies Improve Efficiency and Retain Talent

SUGAR LAND, Texas (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) —  HCSS, a leading provider of innovative software that helps heavy civil businesses streamline operations, is hosting a first-of-its-kind Foreman Users Group Meeting (UGM) targeting foremen and superintendents only. Attendees to the Foreman UGM, held Dec. 20, 2021, in Dallas, Texas will assess and improve the effectiveness of their usage of HCSS product features and industry knowledge. Attendees leave with a toolset to help them supercharge their effectiveness and efficiency in the field.

“HCSS solutions empower field leaders with technology to address the workforce shortage and other challenges,” says Mike Rydin, CEO, HCSS. “The Foreman UGM will focus on helping foremen use those tools to make better decisions. The companies who are sending foremen understand that investing in their best foremen’s futures by helping them grow professionally not only helps retain that top talent but also makes them more effective and efficient. This event is blazing the trail in terms of empowering the field, and it’s the most competitive, forward-thinking companies who are taking part in it.”

The meeting begins with assessing how many activities each foreman has been equipped and empowered to manage well using software in the field, level 1 through level 5. HCSS will assess foremen sophistication in the areas of:

  • Documentation: Good quality information captured digitally in the field for immediate access across the entire project team and improved reporting.
  • Payroll / Job Costs: Digital capture of all job costs for daily visibility.
  • Production Planner: Planning ahead using HCSS HeavyJob’s tools.
  • Project Controls: RFIs, submittals, and jobsite issues recorded digitally and easily accessed from the jobsite.
  • Safety / Skills: Digital toolset for JHAs, observations, near misses, incidents, safety meetings, skills and certifications, equipment inspections, and more.
  • Digital Plans: Staying in sync on digital plans annotated with photos, as-builts, etc.
  • Crewmember Software: Gathering data from operators and other crew members.
  • Follow the Data: Understanding how data from the field impacts decisions, reporting, and other departments within the company.

Then, sessions aim to teach foremen the necessary skills and features to become one level more advanced in their use of field software. Attendees will learn how to use HeavyJob, HCSS Safety, HCSS Plans, and HCSS myField in conjunction to improve their productivity and make better decisions in the field.

“We plan to offer more sessions of Foreman UGM across the country in March 2022. Foremen can boost productivity and increase efficiency when equipped with the proper tools, and this coming year, every construction company is going to need that from their field leaders,” adds Rydin.

HCSS customers can register their foremen today here.