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HCSS Highlights its HCSS Plans Software for Digital Plans Management

<strong>HCSS Highlights its HCSS Plans Software for Digital Plans Management</strong>

SUGAR LAND, TX: HCSS, a leading provider of innovative software helping heavy civil construction businesses streamline their operations, highlights HCSS Plans, a digital plans management solution ideal for construction job site foremen in the field. With its near real-time version control; organization and syncing of markups; ability to show precisely how the planned construction looks in the field; and easy to use built-in calculators for determining common material quantities, HCSS Plans helps the heavy civil market build right every time.

By providing near real-time version control, notifications, and automatic syncing to deliver the latest plans set directly to mobile devices at the jobsite, HCSS Plans eliminates rework and saves time. Old revisions are marked as void, and the latest plan set revision is automatically updated, with sheets marked to show exactly which have undergone revisions. The handy version compare feature lets foremen stack sheets and see changes marked in color for quick identification of which work has been altered.

HCSS Plans also increases collaboration between foremen and project managers by organizing markups by foreman, syncing in near real-time, and marking the exact location of geo-located photos taken in the field on the plans. The program provides markups showing measurements and calculations of work completed each day by the foreman, with annotations grouped by foreman in user layers.

Another major feature is a unique bundle of useful location services, which enable foremen to see what the planned construction looks like in the field, determine their precise location at all times, and mark locations with location flags. HCSS Plans users can find their precise location on the plan set and prepare an overlay of a map view with the actual plans documents. By speeding up the foreman’s ability to locate where work needs to happen and identifying any conflicts using location data, HCSS Plans saves time and money by lowering the survey crew usage that would have otherwise been needed. Foremen can use the handy location compare feature to coordinate among various work disciplines to identify any potential conflicts in depth requirements for utilities, for example concrete stormwater and electrical.

Foremen in the field can use HCSS Plans’ suite of built-in calculators to help eliminate mistakes, reduce material overages, and deliver consistent results by performing calculations of the most common materials needed during estimating, planning, or production. Providing accurate takeoffs of concrete, dirt, aggregates, and other materials, the material calculators eliminate using pen, paper, and calculator that can lead to incorrect results. Calculators narrow in on the correct amounts and take the guesswork out of the equation, with features that make it far easier to determine the length, area, and volume, as well as cut and fill quantities when necessary.

For more information about HCSS Plans time and money saving features, please visit: https://www.hcss.com/products/construction-plan-management/