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HCSS Highlights HeavyBid for Heavy Construction Bidding and Estimating

Leading construction software provider enhances efficiency and informs decision-making for contractors and estimators through historical insight and streamlined operations 

SUGAR LAND, TEXAS — HCSS, the trusted leader in construction software helping heavy civil companies improve their business with solutions to support the entire life cycle of their projects, highlights its product HeavyBid, a platform used by 50,000 estimators across North America to help them move faster, collaborate better, prevent mistakes, and improve accountability on their team to help win more of the right work for their company. By automating cost entry, HeavyBid enables self-performing contractors and estimators to work faster than ever with increased accuracy, building initial estimates in minutes with multiple layers of cost detail. Within HeavyBid’s interface, it’s easy to import bid and pay schedules and automate codebook activity and resource entry. This standardization increases efficiency and expands valuable capacity for focusing estimating time on vendor management and pricing. 

By utilizing HeavyBid with HeavyJob project management software, estimators use bid items and activities from HeavyBid to automatically generate cost codes in HeavyJob to save time and reduce errors by eliminating tedious manual tasks. Estimators can also compare estimate data from HeavyBid with true production data from HeavyJob to improve the accuracy of future bids to make them as competitive as possible. The integration between these two products empowers estimators to build KPIs to measure their best work. 

Aside from estimation efficiencies, HeavyBid is also an effective vendor management tool, offering simple solicitation for sub and vendor prices and the ability to compare quotes from multiple vendors. Users can also analyze the cost differential between self-performing work and subbing out work. When it comes to state and local civil submissions, HeavyBid simplifies the process. Estimators can create custom, professional proposal templates and deliver those proposals in Word and Excel-based formats to save time and standardize the process for future submissions.

HeavyBid is the fastest and most accurate estimating software for civil construction, helping customers of all business sizes win more projects in less time. For more information, please visit: https://www.hcss.com/products/construction-estimating-software/#product-features