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Harris County Flood Control District Partners with LAN for Two Major Sediment Removal Projects

<strong>Harris County Flood Control District Partners with LAN for Two Major Sediment Removal Projects</strong>

(Houston, Texas) The Harris County Flood Control District (HCFCD) has partnered with planning, engineering and program management firm, Lockwood, Andrews & Newnam Inc. (LAN) for two major sediment removal projects in the Greens Bayou and Cypress Creek/Little Cypress Creek watersheds.

These projects will restore critical bayou capacity to reduce flood risk, remove siltation and repair damage caused by Hurricane Harvey to re-establish channel conveyance capacity to pre-Harvey conditions.

LAN will complete engineering services for survey, environmental, geotechnical, sediment removal design, permitting and all support services for over 75 miles of channel in the Little Cypress, Cypress Creek, and Greens Bayou watersheds. The team will navigate the specific challenges associated with sediment removal, such as federal funding compliance, environmental permitting, provisions for material disposal, utility conflicts, construction access, and traffic control—having designed and overseen these measures on numerous HCFCD projects in the past.

Matt Manges, PE, CFM, ENV SP, LAN Vice President and Stormwater Practice Leader, says, “We’re eager to partner with the District on these critical projects. Our team is prepared to leverage our expertise and resources to effectively address the challenges.”

LAN has previously worked on various projects for the District, including Hurricane Harvey disaster recovery projects, channel and detention basin repairs, and Tropical Storm Imelda channel repairs. Manges continues, “We understand the importance of flood control measures and are dedicated to implementing innovative solutions that will contribute to the long-term resilience and safety of the surrounding communities.”

The District is a leading authority dedicated to reducing the risk of flooding and protecting the residents and infrastructure of Harris County, Texas. As a proactive and responsive organization, the District implements comprehensive flood management strategies, including infrastructure projects, maintenance, and monitoring, to mitigate the impact of flooding events. With a commitment to community safety and environmental stewardship, the District works collaboratively with public and private partners to foster resilience and enhance the quality of life for all residents in Harris County.