Lancaster, Pa. — With National Engineers Week in full swing, Harbor Compliance is releasing a white paper and webinar to address the most common causes of engineering license gaps.

While the path to individual Professional Engineer and Structural Engineer licensing is well established, more than 40 states also require engineering firms to obtain company licenses, generally called certificates of authorization, or complete similar requirements. Misconceptions and errors in managing company licenses are a leading cause of citations and penalties for unlicensed practice. With an average price tag of just $135, engineering firm licenses can nonetheless have a major impact on a company’s finances.

The white paper, Engineering Licensing: The Definitive Guide, can be downloaded at  In addition to license requirements for individual engineers, the white paper breaks down the complexities of firm licensing, including detailed requirements and procedures in all 50 states. State enforcement actions are highlighted, along with tips for avoiding the most common pitfalls firms suffer when managing licenses in multiple states.

The webinar: License to Succeed: A Guide for Companies in Regulated Industries (, will air the fourth Tuesday of every month at 1 p.m. beginning February 27. Participants will come away from the hour with tools and strategies for managing firm licenses to drive profitability and efficiency. Harbor Compliance Account Executive Christian Haring and Compliance Specialist Jerri-Lynn Wier, J.D., will co-host.

“I would urge CEOs, CFOs, general counsel, and others charged with managing business licensing to join us for this free webinar,” Haring said. “Participants will learn how to simplify and speed through the licensing process with precision, certainty, and total compliance.”

“I am very excited to co-host our licensing webinar,” said Wier. “It’s a tremendous opportunity to share with our participants how important and essential licensing compliance is to your company’s growth and sustainability.”

Those who cannot make the February 27 session can sign up for the March 27 session or a later date at