Melville, N.Y. — H2M architects + engineers was recently awarded the 2016 American Water Works Association (AWWA) New Jersey Employer Support Award at the AWWA NJ Fall Meeting and Golf Outing. The Young Professional Employer Support Award recognizes employers that support their employee’s growth and development process through continuing education, involvement in National and New Jersey Section AWWA activities, participation in AWWA NJ committees, and recognition by presenting at conferences and encouraging publication in professional and technical journals. A Young Professional (YP) is defined as a person 35 years of age or younger.

H2M AWWA members participate heavily in the NJ Section Annual Conference (presenters, volunteering); several others attend ACE and other association events (Young Professional and membership summits). All Young Professionals are encouraged to attend NJ section events, seminars and workshops.

H2M shows its leadership for the award because H2M’s Department Manager of Engineering Patrick Cole and Staff Engineer Brian Van Nortwick Jr. serve as Chair and Vice Chair (respectively) of an NJ Section Committee.

H2M displays professional support by encouraging young professional growth through continuing education, encouraging young professional’s to read technical journals, paying employees' AWWA dues, and by supporting employee involvement in AWWA committees.

H2M supports the technical development of young professional’s in the water industry by actively encouraging them to attend technical development seminars, conference seminars/workshops, and facility tours to broaden their knowledge in the field of drinking water supply.

H2M supports the professional development of young professional’s in the water industry by actively encouraging attendance at membership events, networking events, committee business meetings, and conferences.

H2M supports its young professional’s by actively encouraging them to be actively involved in NJ and NY section events, participating in volunteer events, and promoting a culture of active water industry involvement. Several H2M employees are also involved at the association level. 

Also, H2M’s Project Engineer Tim McGuire of H2M was chosen as the 2016 NYS AWWA Young Professional of the Year award.