Melville, N.Y. — On Dec. 14, 2017, H2M architects + engineers held a Project Management Certificate Ceremony at its Melville, N.Y., headquarters, and on Dec. 18, 2017, H2M held the Parsippany, Howell, and NYC Ceremony at its Parsippany, N.J., location, where 38 “H2Mers” received their certificate of completion.

Almost every year since 1996 H2M has offered an intense Project Management Training Program for employees.  The manager of the employee must nominate potential candidates in any of H2M’s eight locations for the program.  Upon acceptance, the candidates go through an intensive year-long program in 24 sessions. Within the last nine years, 175 H2M employees have gone through this program, many of which have moved into leadership roles within the firm.

H2M architects + engineers’ 2017 Project Management Training Program graduates are Brian J. Leger, Christopher J. Del Gatto, Diana L. Mercado, Erik D. Heuler, Francis R. Del Villar, Gregory T. Quinlan, James M. Vierling, John D’Amico, Jonathan R. Muratore, Joseph C. Ciserano, Lauren W. Steck, Lawrence Koh, Spyridon Bazigos, Steven L. Mirra, Svetlana Y. Fisher, Adriana L. Concepcion, Alexander S. Tafrov, Berhan S. Gebregziabiher, Brian J. Murrell,  Eric P. Hetherington, James J. Fuchs, John E. Koziatek, Jose I. Nunez, Josh Klimaszewski, Justin F. Eddings, Kelly Kuplicki, Kelly L. Finzel, Timothy Schultz, Alan P. Hilla, Albert D. Alvarado, Erik I. DeLine, Gregory M. Cellamare, Jason W. Potosnak, Jerold M. Blustein, Kapil Varshney, Kristen R. Cappadona, Stephanie L. DeCotiis, and Timothy J. Hazlett.

The primary purpose of the training program is to have a better understanding of project management: If they have skills, improve and sharpen the skills of the employees; if they don’t have the skills, help develop the skills required. Doing this provides consistency across the firm in project management.

In 1991, Mr. Loesch joined the ACEC National Quality Management Committee and became its Chairman in the mid to late 1990’s. “How can we be developing workbooks and guidance documents for our member firms in ACEC and not have a similar program at H2M?” he commented. Out of that thought came development of the H2M Project Management Training Program.  Many of the documents developed for the class became templates and standards within H2M.  This was a win-win for the employee and the firm.

“We frequently hear from experienced staff that join H2M that they were not provided the opportunity nor were they trained in the necessary skills to manage projects.  They believe a major differentiator between H2M and the firms that they worked at is that H2M invests the time necessary to mentor and train it’s staff on how to manage a project from the initial planning, budgeting and scheduling phase all the way through project completion and meeting or exceeding client expectations.  We provide our employees the tools to be successful.”

Class materials are updated on a regular basis to reflect new legislation, new releases published by the leading professional design associations and best management practices.

“It sends a strong message to the staff when a COO not only has the vision but then executes the program himself.  Mr. Loesch could have sent it down the ranks to execute, but the fact that he makes it a priority inherently makes it a priority to the employee.” Said Alan Hilla, Practice Leader and Manager of the H2M Howell location.

“Since the class I’ve referenced the class materials to review the contracts portion.  I found this part of the certification most useful.  Having a perspective on various elements within a proposal and/or client agreement; from liability, insurance, to scope of work as it relates to fees,” said Kelly Finzel, P.E., H2M Fire Protection Engineer.

Pat Stone, R.A. LEED AP, H2M Project Architect said, “I was excited and felt privileged to be part of the 2012 graduating class.  This program really took general concepts that you learn in school and perhaps hear about in your first years in the industry and place those concepts into real life application; from accounting to client management.  All the tools you received from this program are geared to promote your personal and professional success; taking you to the next level of your career here at H2M.”