PHOENIX, Ariz. – has launched a new, free, interactive open forum website for design and construction professionals to share experience, ideals and goals of sustainable design and construction.

The goal is to make a better world with more sustainable harmony through sharing work, best practices, products and ideas. The website intends to gather and provide as much knowledge and information as possible, helping to produce innovative and thoughtful designs. is a great place for all design and construction professionals, including, but not limited to: architects, landscape architects, engineers, interior designers, urban designers, scientists, ecologists, property managers, and construction professionals. It also focuses on energy conservation, renewable energies, and agriculture. Essentially, the group will be a catalyst for anyone with a passion for, or who has a direct impact on, sustainable design and construction to provide economic, social and ecological sustainability. Through connection, collaboration, and education, users can share work, best practices, experiences, products, projects, ideas, documents, events, blogs, CEU educational webinars, product webinars and even jobs or internships.

Help build a better world. Visit to join the sustainability revolution!