ICC Evaluation Services, Inc. (ICC-ES) is currently developing a program involving verification reports on the sustainable attributes of products. This new program, which was developed in response to interest expressed by members of industry and in keeping with ICC’s commitment to developing and fostering activities related to sustainable design and construction, is scheduled to launch in October 2008.

The first phase will consist of the verification of specific product attributes and will be limited to the "cradle-to-gate" aspect. It will verify the claimed environmental attributes that fall within the following nine proposed categories:

  • recycled content (postconsumer/preconsumer),
  • extracted raw materials,
  • biobased materials,
  • certified wood products,
  • solar reflectance index and thermal emittance of roofing materials,
  • volatile organic compound content (adhesives and sealants),
  • volatile organic compound content (paints and coatings),
  • urea formaldehyde resin content in composite wood products, and
  • low-emission floor coverings.

The program will embrace construction products, materials, and/or systems that fall within the scope of the nine categories.

Draft guidelines for each of the nine categories will be posted on the ICC-ES website for a 30-day review and public comment period, as will the rules governing the program, application forms, fee schedule, and other related ancillary documents.

Subsequent phases will evaluate life-cycle attributes as they relate to "cradle-to-gate" and "cradle-to-grave" stages of a product.

ICC ES is accepting public comments on draft guidelines that will be used in a new program to verify environmental attributes of construction products. For more information, visit www.icc-es.org/News/green-guidelines.html. Updates on the program will be posted as they become available.