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Green notes

Walter P Moore’s new corporate office in downtown Houston was awarded Corporate Interiors LEED Silver by the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC). The firm’s new space was designed by Charles Kifer & Associates and Gensler. LEED certification was achieved through energy use, lighting, and water and material use, as well as incorporating a variety of other sustainable strategies.

Twenty-two RBF Consulting team members recently completed LEED Professional Accreditation from the USGBC. In recognition of their accreditation and commitment to professional development, the company honored each team member with a $750 bonus for their dedication to building an environmentally sustainable future.

Farnsworth Group, Inc., a Denver-based, full-service engineering firm, launched Green Navigation, an initiative developed for companies, units of government, and other organizations seeking a single source to help navigate through the many green and sustainable opportunities currently available in the marketplace. Green Navigation will provide all of the company’s sustainable service offerings under one umbrella, including green planning and education, LEED pursuit and application, sustainable architecture and engineering design, building commissioning, greening existing buildings, renewable energy services, green advocacy and grant pursuit, and developing green corporate practices.

LandDesign, Inc., and Audubon Lifestyles LLC formed a strategic partnership to help businesses and municipalities implement green design and development and build more sustainable communities. The partnership offers a comprehensive suite of sustainability advisory services, land planning, urban design, civil engineering, landscape architecture, natural resource planning, branding, and sustainable design certification assistance.