ANCHORAGE, ALASKA — Duane Miller and Associates (DMA), a firm that specializes in Arctic and geotechnical engineering based in Anchorage, Alaska, has become part of the Alaska operations of Golder Associates Inc. (GAI). The acquisition adds DMA’s 18 professionals to the Golder team, now totaling to a geotechnical staff of 40 professionals.

DMA, a 27-year-old company, is recognized as a provider of cold regions and geotechnical engineering as well as field exploration services in permafrost areas. According to DMA, the company is considered to have the largest cold regions geotechnical laboratory in Alaska. DMA has also developed specialized geotechnical field exploration methods and equipment to deal with extreme Arctic and subarctic conditions.

Bob Anderson, Golder’s western regional vice president, said, “DMA is a perfect fit with our Alaskan operations, which provide similar services to the mining, oil, and gas industries, as well as infrastructure development for state, municipal, and bush community clients.”

The combined group will provide an array of services to the oil and gas, mining, and infrastructure markets. These services include geotechnical design, engineering and environmental support for pipelines, seasonal ice roads, building and bridge foundations, shore protection, water supply and tailings dams, rural sanitation/water supply, roads and highways, rail, airports, ports and harbors, and power (generation/distribution/transmission).