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Goettsch Partners’ Paul De Santis Speaks at Key Asian Architecture Events

Goettsch Partners’ Paul De Santis Speaks at Key Asian Architecture Events

Chicago — An expert in large-scale building design, partner Paul De Santis of Goettsch Partners, was invited to Asia to speak on trends in skyscrapers and façades at major construction and architecture events.

On Friday, March 8, De Santis spoke in Singapore at the 8th Annual Vertical Cities conference, which brings together leading architects, engineers, contractors and developers involved in high-rise projects around the world.

Earlier in the week, De Santis gave the keynote presentation at the 25th China Window Door Facade Expo in Guangzhou. De Santis and Goettsch Partners, known as GP globally, are well known for innovative envelope and façade systems including user-operated ventilated façades.

De Santis, whose China work has focused on tall and supertall buildings in key cities such as Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Nanning, notes that unlike U.S. towers, high-rise buildings in China often have windows or vents that open, even on uppermost floors.

“This reflects the longstanding desire in Chinese culture for people to be able to adjust their own environments, including control over opening windows to bring in fresh air at work, in hotel rooms, and at home in their apartments.”

The 25th China Window Door Facade Expo, a massive event held by Poly World Trade Center Expo at Guangzhou’s Nan Fung International Convention & Exhibition Center, is a global destination for companies involved in innovations in the window, door and facade industries.

The 8th Annual Vertical Cities conference in Singapore, brings together “key stakeholders facing various challenges in developing new skyscrapers to cater to the requirements of the emerging vertical society.”